Survey Distribution

The survey was conducted in the fall semester of 2008 at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. The survey proceeded in the following manner. First a number of known students were selected and used to make contact with students in different departments on campus. The rest of respondents were selected randomly from the mailing list of the Chinese Students and Scholar Association (CSSA) at ASU and reached through the first groups of known students. In the selection process, special attention was given to ensure representation in field of study and gender. I personally delivered most surveys to convince respondents of the neutrality of the research and to ensure a high response rate. Out of 80 questionnaires distributed, 60 were returned, for a return rate of 75%. Results showed that the sample is representative of mainland Chinese student population at ASU in basic characteristics such as gender and field of study. Sixty-seven percent of the respondents were studying mathematics, natural sciences, engineering, or other technically oriented subjects; about 53% of the respondents were male. A summary of demographic data will be provided in Chap. 5.

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