Factors Influencing Selection of Irrigation Methods

Since the objective is to apply water efficiently to provide favourable environment for the plants, it is therefore, essential to consider the factors, which have significant effect in the process of water application. The important factors affecting this phenomenon are as under:


The soil texture, structure, porosity etc. have a great influence on the water intake (infiltration) and water holding properties of the soil. Light textured soils with limitations of depth and hard pan will allow moisture freely to deeper section in a given time period as compared to heavy textured soils. Likewise, soils having single grain structure will allow water freely to move downward compared to platy and other structures. The movement of water over the land surface (in surface irrigation methods) is also affected by the soil properties. Soil depth is another important factor, as it affects the land leveling / shaping operations, so vital for the success of the surface irrigation methods. In shallow soils, it may not be possible to undertake deep cuts required for leveling fields, as it might expose the subsoil and render the field infertile for a long time.

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