Type of crops has very significant role to play in the selection of irrigation method. The flow of water on the field surface is greatly influenced by the resistance offered to the flow by the crop (Manning's n) which in turn depends on crop spread horizontally and vertically, as well as slowing/planting methods such as broadcasted, drilled, row planted, etc. The value of crops is also very important. High value crops may provide enough returns to justify the use of pressure irrigation methods, such as drip and sprinkler, but the use of these methods for low value crops may not be economical.

Farm machinery

In mechanized cultivation the ease of machine operation and movement should be taken into account, while considering the selection of method of irrigation. The movement of machinery for operations such as inter-culture, application of chemical and harvesting, should not get restricted on account of the method of irrigation.

Other factors of importance which should be given due weightage while deciding the selection of irrigation method, are field dimensions, local customs and preference of the farmers.

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