Factors Influencing Planning

The factors required to be considered in planning are soils, topography, crops to be irrigated, water supply existing facilities and available construction and farm equipment.

Preliminary plan

  • • Locate the high points in a field and determine the direction of irrigation and drainage.
  • • Determine soil boundaries, probable crop rotations and feasibility of land leveling.
  • • Locate field boundaries and farm roads
  • • From this preliminary plan it should be possible to determine the best delivery point for the water.

Planning procedure

After a preliminary plan has been made, studied and discussed with the farmer, detailed plans for any area on the farm can be prepared. First select a method of water application for each field and prepare a layout. Then design the delivery, application, and disposal facilities as well as the necessary roads.


Planning a general layout for subdividing and irrigating the area in the units of suitable dimensions is the next step. Area delineated according to slope and soil characteristics provide a basis for selecting the best field arrangement and for locating field ditches. Consider alternate layout.

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