• 1., as on October 2008.
  • 2. GoK, 2006; Rubber Board, various issues; GoK, Statistics for Planning, various issues.
  • 3. Rainfall received during the first crop season (kharif) is more than sufficient to meet the water requirement. Thirty seven per cent yield variability in paddy during kharif can be explained,

based on pre- monsoon and monsoon rainfall. However, the pre monsoon showers during April to May are very important as it may hamper proper germination of seeds. the wet spells are detrimental for the stage from flowering to maturity (Rao, 2003).

4. The crops in a crop mix atypical the homesteads of Kerala will share the common resources of land and atmosphere including the water that is used for the evaporation and the water that is wasted through seepage and application losses in the field. Therefore, the estimate on the total water requirement of all crops in Kerala, computed in the paper as the sum total of requirements of individual crops, may be on the higher side. However, with the kind of data on irrigation and crop acreage as is available from published sources, only the method of estimation that is adopted in the paper seems feasible.

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