Benefits that will accrue to farmers and irrigation agency due to farmers participation in irrigation management have been recorded by several authors (Singh, 1991; Maloney and Raju, 1994) which are mentioned below.

Benefits to Farmers

  • • Better water management at the tertiary level;
  • • Farmers flexibility in use of water, choice of crops and land use;
  • • More crop and more income;
  • • Optimal use of water in agriculture;
  • • Ensuring equity in water allocation;
  • • Helping resolve disputes on water distributions;
  • • Encouraging community responsibility for the management of assets;
  • • Forum for facilitating effective communication between farmers and government departments;
  • • Better collection of irrigation fees;
  • • More economic use of water, less wastage;
  • • Better maintenance reduction in the cost of irrigation;
  • • Encouraging collective management of agricultural input supply and marketing of agricultural produce;
  • • Less waterlogging because of careful use of water;
  • • Less opportunity for corruption; and
  • • Better mutual trust and understanding between farmers and officers.
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