Changes Required

An organization of farmers with legal status must be transferred the rights to manage the irrigation system.

Such an organization should function in a democratic and economically efficient manner. The needs of the tailenders and small landholders should be taken into consideration. The requisite capacities will have to be built to take on the new responsibilities. A sense of ownership of the system and its management has to be instilled.

Such an organization should aim at optimum management of water.

The irrigation Department must reorient itself to deal on an equal footing, with a vibrant and dynamic farmers organization. At present, there is resistance from the staff to the change in role from an executing agency to that of a facilitator.

The irrigation infrastructure should be repaired and rehabilitated.

Potential for Bringing about the Required Changes

There are various positive elements that can facilitate the required change in Madhya Pradesh. At the same time, there are also sone negative elements. These are listed below :

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