Future Prospects of Pim

It has now been realised that without active participation of beneficiaries, the irrigation systems cannot be managed efficiently. The experience shows that wherever farmers have been actively engaged, the overall management of irrigation system and the water use efficiency have significantly improved. The legal framework, which has been established in various States, will ensure systematic involvement of beneficiaries in the management of irrigation system at various levels. There has to be however, a provision for adequate financial support to these organizations to carry out their responsibilities. The PIM acts of various States do have provisions for the financial management of these associations.

For example acts of Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh Statesmention that the funds of the farmers organizations shall comprise of the following :

  • (i) Grants and commission received from the State Government as a share of the water tax collected in the area of operation of the farmers organization.
  • (ii) Such other funds as may be granted by the state government and central Government for the development of the area of operation.
  • (iii) Resources rose from any financing agency for undertaking any economic development activities in its area of operation.
  • (iv) Income from the properties and assets attached to the irrigation system.
  • (v) Fees collected by the farmers organization for the services rendered in better management of the irrigation system.
  • (vi) Amounts received from any other sources; and investment of private sector in distribution and ancillary/extension services.
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