Rotation System

This is the system evolved by the GWRDC to meet the demand of water to farmers by fixing the time and allotting that time to a particular time so that that farmer can make use of the water when their turn comes, however, several farmer are facing the water shortage due to long gap during which the crop in his field may worsen resulting in low yield, and hence some of the rich farmers have their own tube-wells, mean while small and marginal farmers continue to face this problem. Some of the suggestions to the problem evolved during our course of study is that, some of the farmers can be made in a group and ask them to grow same crop, the success of this observation depends on land size, since many small farmers are growing the rice and groundnut. To add, Government of Gujarat has recently directly GWRDC not to release water for paddy and groundnut in hot season, which has further exacerbated the situation.

Conflict among Farmers

The first come first serve basis in the distribution of water has created minor conflicts among the farmers. Many farmers believe that they are discriminated because of the rotation system. Conflict arises due to the blockage of main pipes through which water passes to the kundi or outlet. Young farmers do this usually, and the co operative is not taking any action by making the pipes fool proof.

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