Politicisation of the Co-operative Society

Many farmers complained abut the politicisation of the society due to which their grievances are not met in time, due to which several farmers are suffering from water shortage. The farmers are divided on political lines in the society leading to minor conflict at the personal level and at societal level.

Non-availability of Credit

Since the co-operative has entered into an agreement with GWRDC that it will not venture into any other activities other than water distribution and distribution of agricultural kit, the small farmers are badly hi due to the non availability of credit and hence the society can change the contract with the government and can provide the credit to the farmers.

Lack of Extension Facilities

The farmers especially small farmers in the village are not using the HYV seeds which show the laxity on the part of the any of the agricultural university or agricultural department to promote extension progra?mmes in this village. If rejuvenated, many farmers lives can be improved considerably by adopting new technological practices in agriculture.

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