What is Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is localized application of water slowly drop by drop near the plant surface through small openings called drippers or emitters with variable discharge rates as per the requirement of the crop plants.

Drip system contains pumping unit, mains, sub mains, laterals, drippers or emitters etc. The water used for drop irrigation should be free from all foreign materials. Use of impure water causes clogging of drippers. Using filters will avoid the clogging problem. Number and type of filters depends on the impurities present in the irrigation water used.

Drip irrigation is becoming popular due to the decreasing water resources. It appears to be a viable technology in the years to come. The merits and demerits of the system are as follows :

Merits of Drip Irrigation

Saving in irrigation water

In the drop irrigation, all the losses of irrigation water, conveyance, percolation, seepage and run off losses are eliminated. Evaporation losses are reduced to some extent and water saving is the highest of all the irrigation methods. With this saved irrigation water, the area under irrigation can be extended.

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