Adoption to undulated Topographies

On irregular topographic areas i.e. hilly terrains, conventional methods of irrigation can not be possible due to variation in elevation. Under these situations, drip system can be adopted without any problem, because in this system, water is carried through small pipes called drippers/emitters.

Less Weed Infestation

Weeds, weed propagules and weed seeds are carried away from one place to another along with flooding irrigation water (e.g. Cuscuta) in conventional methods of irrigation, whereas in the drip irrigation system, no such transfer of weed propagules will be observed.

Only part of the ground area will be wetted in the fields with drip irrigation system leading to reduced germination of weed seeds and growth compared to the conventional systems of irrigation where the total ground area is wetted.

Hence the weed intensity, weed index and weed dry matter are less in the fields where drip irrigation system is adopted, compared to the conventional irrigation systems.

Application of herbicides can also be done through drip system along with irrigation water, but it needs proper calibration of quantity of herbicides. At present, no herbicides are specifically labeled for application through irrigation water by drip system.

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