Pumping Unit

Drip irrigation systems have pumping units to lift water from wells, streams, canals, ponds and reservoirs and provide pressure for the operation of the system. The pumps can be powered either by electric motors or internal combustion engines. The types of pumps used in drip irrigation include volute centrifugal pumps, vertical turbine pumps and submersible pumps.


Many problems with drip irrigation systems arise out of poor installation. The main items in the installation of drip irrigation systems are the installation of the head assembly (Control head), comprising the pumping set, non-return valve, water meter, filters, fertilization equipment, and flow control, air release and pressure release valves. The network of water distribution pipes including the main line, sub-mains, and laterals require careful attention in joining and installation. General requirements in installation, operation and maintenance were included in the description of the various components of drip irrigation systems.

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