Institutional Arrangement

Institutional arrangement has been provided from village to state level for successful implementation of the program and making it sustainable and equitable.

Water development association has a key role to play. It consists of al members of the village whose land is situated in the watershed area called User Group and all those members who derive sustenance from the watershed area called Self Help Group.

Watershed Committee is the key institution at watershed level consisting of about two to three representatives, each of User Group and Self Help Group, Panchayat and women etc. The committee also selects a watershed secretary preferably a local man graduate from the same area.

Watershed development team is a multi-dimensional team responsible for technical and financial supervision of the project activities. The team comprises field level officials drawn from various disciplines like forestry, soil conservation, horticulture, social science etc. These officials are key functionaries for sensitizing SHGs, UGs and villagers.

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