What is wasteland?

Land and water are of critical importance for Agriculture develop - ment. Vast tracts of the land are however degraded but can be brought under plough with some effort. Such lands are known as wastelands. The productivity of wastelands is very low and people owning these lands are poor and are forced to earn a living from wage employment. Therefore, waste lands is regarded as a powerful tool and attacking the issues of poverty and backwards.


The Central Government set up NWDB in 1985 to bring 5 million hectares of wasteland per year under fuelwood and fodder plantations. The setting up of this Board was the Governments response to the continuous deforestation in the context of the exploding population, on the one side and the tremendous suffering of the weaker sections in the rural areas in their search for fuelwood and fodder on the other NWDB works under the overall guidance of the National Land use and wastelands. Development Council Minister and attempts to reverse the trend of rapid deforestation and to conserve the already depleted forests by bringing wastelands under tree cover. Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had said, ''We shall develop a people's movement for afforestation".

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