Drought Situation in Andhra Pradesh

After four years of bountiful kharif seasons, the farmers in Andhra Pradesh are going to witness an unprecedented situation, with at least 1,000 mandals out of the 1,128 reporting deficit rainfall. While vast stretches are yet to see sowings, crops on lakhs of acres face the threat of withering or wilting due to severe deficits in rainfall. The State shows a deficit of 52 per cent, with the South-west monsoon playing truant. Against the normal as on date figure of 322.20 mm, the State received only 153.80 mm. The problem seems to be more serious than what is reported officially.

The hopes of the farmers and officials that the first week of August might see showers crashed, with seven districts reporting deficits of 60 per cent of 99 per cent. The remaining districts, barring the three North coastal districts, registered deficits between 20 per cent and 59 per cent. This has impacted almost all crops. Paddy and groundnut were sown in just 26-56 per cent of the normal area. Sugarcane, maize, onion and tur dal were sown in 51-75 per cent, while cotton is slightly better off with 76100 per cent sown area.

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