Depletion of Ground Water

Though it has been claimed that the ground water table has been raising due to watershed programme in India, in reality, the ground water has been declining very fast due to over exploitation through increased bore wells and water use efficiency is also low due to adoption of age old practices in irrigation system rather than adopting drip/ sprinkler irrigation. Moreover, the electricity charge/rate is subsidised on flat rate basin irrespective of quantum of water pumped out. Hence Government may come out with suitable policies/measures to arrest over exploitation of ground water.

Agro-forestry Systems

In arid/semi arid regions, suitable agro-forestry system including agro-horticulture, agri-silvi-pastoral system etc. may be developed for the benefit of farmers so as to balance the eco system and prevent degradation leading to a threat to population to live harsh/unfavourable climatic zones. This will lead to socio-conflicts due to socio-economic imbalance among the regions. Hence income should be generated through different plantations, horticulture, silvipastoral systems including livestock management etc. so as to improve economic condition of people. Thus plantation/orchards have been affected due to drought spells and over exploitation of ground water which touched beyond 400 ft. depth. Even deep-rooted plants are drying/dying due to non-availability of water to plants due to over exploitation of ground water.

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