Plant Protection Measures

Farmers have been indiscriminately using pesticides/insecticides. This causes more harm/damage than help. There are some pesticides/ insecticides banned by international organizations/advanced countries, but such dangerous plant protection chemicals are still used in India. Though pesticides/insecticides are required to control pests/disease problem is improved/hybrid varieties of different crops for protecting and harvesting a good crop, optimum and appropriate chemical vegetables, fruits are rejected in international market due to residual content of such chemicals on these items. Thus valuable market is lost for our crops. There is a need to develop resistant varieties like B.T. cotton etc. to reduce the cost on plant protection chemicals substantially. Research in biotechnology is required to solve pest problem for reducing cost.

For certain diseases, even juice extracted from Neem. Pongama, Jatropa, bitterguard, castor and some locally available plants leaves can be mixed in water and sprinkled/sprayed to crops for preventing diseases. Similarly soil from diseases can be prevented through application of Neem/Pongamia/castore cake which even improves the soil fertility. There is strong belief in pest incidences. Farmers are to be trained in this direction.

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