Demographic Pressure

Demographic pressure is one of the foremost reasons of land degradation as increasing population puts more pressure on arable land, grazing, forestry, wild life, tourism and development. Not surprisingly, population demands for food, fuel and employment is going to double in the next five decades. This will involve expansion of fragile marginal lands for utility in developing countries as poverty is endemic and institutional capacity for land management is weak. Urbanisation and industrialisation outstrips land capacity. There are serious concerns about land, environmental degradation, decreased productivity and growth rate in the developing world. The population of 1.3 billion living on fragile land is set to double. the vulnerable segment of the population notably the rural poor with moderate assets, land, tradition social capital, human capital and indigenous knowledge are not developed by the institutions. These invisible millions living in disperse settlements in an informal economy are not picked up by the development juggernaut. They lay neglected along with the environmental distress signals.

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