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Mismanagement of Water Resources

The water crisis is a serious human issue that exists when supply of water is less than demand. Environmental economists argue that the demand for water is increasing due to the subsequent growth of population in all over the world. When population grows there is no large source of water to satisfy the wants of all human kind, because the water becomes scarce. Demand for water among the urban people is very high compared to urban places for jobs and business opportunities are the most important reasons for growing water demand in urban areas of many countries. An Amsterdam based ecological management foundation argues that the rainfall is our only renewable source of fresh water. It creates a constant global supply of 40,000 to 50,000 cubic km water per year. But the world population increases roughly by 85 million per year.

Therefore, the availability of fresh water per head is decreasing rapidly. The growing population at geometrical rate and subsequent fall in water supply disturbs the demand and supply curve of water. Here is the importance of producing the additional quantity of water for the existence of human beings in next decade. The ground water researchers find that our fresh water source has been declining in many countries since last so many years. The scientific studies conducted in major rivers of Asia and pacific shows the over all decline in the water amount flowing to world's ocean. The climate changes strongly influence the reduction of water amount and quality because the large level of increase in carbon emission by the effects of global warming pollutes the drinking water resources dangerously. Mountainous forested watersheds are the most important fresh water yield area in the world. But we are loosing the supply of quality water due to the poor land management and the deforestation. Therefore, the sustainable and equitable water management is necessary for saving the world from human and economic tragedy.

Liberal attitude of governments towards water use leads to decrease in water resources in major industrialist countries. This liberal attitude of governments are exploited by the big corporate for misusing water resources for their industrial purpose. The big plants misuse thousand gallons of clean water to create electricity for working their machines and tools. Thus, the industrialists are building their merchant power plant in rural areas where the plenty of natural water can acquire. Experts opine that industrialists use 84 million gallons of water (15% of total water use) a day in southwest Louisiana.

Solution for Water Crisis :

  • (1) Water harvesting : This is a traditional technique first used by the Greeks and island people to save the water and obviously, it can be the first solution for water scarcity. Harvesting water means harvesting river. People are identifying the truth that the supply of water comes from the sky, which is rain. But in some countries are not getting adequate rain to meet their water demand. Therefore water harvesting being a great solution for those people. These people can find the solution for their water scarcity by the caught, storage of rain water. Water harvesting raises the supply of water. Consequently, we can manage the supply demand curves of the water. Government should promote the rain water harvesters. In India, Delhi government announces the award for the 'best rain harvesters' which provides 2 lakh rupees for group and one lakh rupee for individual.
  • (2) Develop sea water desalination technologies : Desalination of sea water is another big solution for water scarcity. Singapore and Middle East countries wholly depends this technology for increasing their water supply. Many technologies are using for the desalination of sea water in different nations. More research and development on sea desalination technology will help us to reduce the energy consumption because the major portion of water resources extremely using for the creation of energy. Unfortunately, water desalination technologies are untouchable to poor nations due to its expensive nature.

(3) Organize the training workshop on water use and recycle :

the water work shops help the society to be more vigilant on water preservation. The work shops on water economics, water policy and water ethics promotes the strong awareness on water scarcity and water use.

(4) Water regulation and strict water policies : safe drinking water' policy is necessary for the smooth distribution of water and intervenes of private parties on water distribution creates water conflicts in the society. Strong environmental law can control over pumping and ground water exploitation.

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