Uneven water availability

a. India has highly uneven water availability in space and time b. The country receives rain fall for only 3-4 months c. The Brahmaputra

Barak Ganga basin accounts for 60% of surface water resources d. This region is also rich in ground water e. Western and southern India experience severe deficit in both surface and ground water. f. 60% of the country experiences water deficit, while parts of the country suffer from floods.

Himalayan Rivers Development

1. Construction of storage reservoirs on the principal tributaries of the Ganga and the Brahmaputra in India, Nepal and Bhutan, 2. Along with interlinking canal systems to transfer surplus flows of the eastern tributaries of the Ganga to the West. 3. Apart from linking of the main Brahmaputra and its tributaries with the Ganga and Ganga with Mahanadi.


The Himalayan component would provide additional irrigation of about 22 million hectare and generation of about 30 million KW of hydropower, besides providing substantial flood control in the Ganga & Brahmaputra basins. It would also provide the necessary discharge for augmentation of flows at Farakka required inter alia to flush the Calcutta port and the inland navigation facilities across the country.

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