The politics of economic activity

FROM ‘ECONOMICS’ TO GOVERNED ECONOMIC ACTIVITYPOLITICS AS MOBILIZING OR SUPPRESSING VALUESTHE STRUCTURE OF THIS BOOKWhat’s so Political About the Economic? The Limits of Existing ResponsesMATERIAL DETERMINISM: POLITICS AS POLITICIANS DEFENDING INTERESTSNeo-classical Economies: The Root System of Liberal Political EconomyRealist and Rationalist International Relations Theory: Two Sides of the Same CoinSOCIETAL STRUCTURALISM: POLITICS AS POWERHISTORICAL AND SOCIOLOGICAL INSTITUTIONALISM: POLITICS AS MEDIATED CONFLICTAnalysis of Governance and the Regulatory State: Back to Politics as PoliticiansHistorical Institutionalism: Politics as ConflictSociological Institutionalism: Politics as Powering AgainINTERACTIONISM: POLITICS AS NETWORKINGActor Network Theory: Politics DeniedGlobal Value Chains: An Absence of PoliticsCONCLUSION: LESSONS LEARNT AND THE CHALLENGE THAT REMAINSThe Politics of Economic Activity. An Analytical FrameworkFOUNDATIONS: MELDING CONSTRUCTIVISM TO INSTITUTIONALISMInstitutionalized RelationshipsInstitutional OrdersTrans-industry RegulationsScales of GovernmentVALUES AS THE POLITICS OF THE ECONOMICWhy Focus upon Values?Hypotheses on Value Content and PrioritizationBRIDGING THEORY AND EMPIRICS: THE CONCEPT OF ‘POLITICAL WORK’CONCLUSIONGlobalization. From Runaway Steamroller to Political OutcomeTHE SUBORDINATION OF EQUALITY AND TRADITION: PESTICIDES AND WINEInstitutionalizing ‘Crop Protection’ in the Wine IndustryReproducing Pollution in the Name of Individualized SecurityDEFENDING TRADITIONS? THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OF FOODSTwo Contrasting Value Hierarchies and Institutional OrdersЗ.2.1.1. The New World’s Order: Universal Freedom Through Markets, Trademarks, and the CourtsЗ.2.1.2. The European Order: Protecting Tradition Through Territorial Collective and Public ActionWhen Institutional Orders Collide: The TRIPS Agreement in actionCONCLUSION: NO SUCH THING AS FREE TRADEDoes the EU Make a Difference?EQUALITY FOR WHOM? GOVERNING PHARMACEUTICALSAn Institutional Order under ThreatThe Politics of Reproduction: Pricing, Evaluation, and ‘National Sovereignty’WHEN EQUALITY INTERVENES: GOVERNING COMPETITIONThe Institutional Order of Inter-firm CompetitionA Politics where Values Are Masked by Expertise and SovereigntyThe Autonomization of Experts and the Silencing of ValuesWhen Tradition is Reduced to National SovereigntyCONCLUSIONWhat’s Left for the State?EQUALITY RUN OVER BY FREEDOM AND SECURITY: ELECTRIC VEHICLESFermenting a ‘Second Revolution’ for the Car IndustryPolitical Work to Prompt Deep ChangeThe Politics of Industrial and Societal ReproductionHOW SECURITY SUBORDINATES EQUALITY: LABOUR MARKET POLICIES OR THEIR ABSENCEWhat States Can Do when Security is a Public GoodState Intervention when Security is PrivatizedCONCLUSIONLocal Government. Economic Saviour or Gravedigger?TRADITION AS A ROAD TO SECURITY? LOCAL FOOD CHAINS IN ACTIONLocal Food: An Economic and Political No-brainer?Picking up the Challenge of Local Food in the GirondeFREEDOM RULES AGAIN: LOCAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENTFrom Business Logics to Firm-Locality TypesEmbeddedness, Territory, and ValuesCONCLUSIONCOMPARING POLITICS-ECONOMICS RELATIONSHIPSTHE ROAD AHEAD FOR RESEARCH AND REFLECTIONBibliography
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