Information Richness: “Reaching the Moon”

ICTs can provide the immigrants both information richness and communicative presence, and the immigrants are aware of both. Accessing information is a need they articulate clearly. For example, “A,” who has never used a computer, says, “He who has [the computer has] very important value. We can reach the moon, it is like reaching the moon.. .the computer does everything.”

“C,” a twenty-seven-year-old bachelor who immigrated by himself eight years ago as his family awaits permission to join him, who never studied, either in Ethiopia or since immigrating, and who by working two jobs supports his family in Ethiopia as well, when asked about the role of the computer in his life, said, “[The computer] has things that renew the thinking, it could be for instance that when I am alone listening to music it can help me fall asleep, it can also entertain will allow me to study. I never studied, I am certain it helps those who have studied.”

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