Implications for Practice

Cameroon has a large, vibrant set of NGOs that concern themselves with environmental issues. These organizations make a significant contribution to protecting the environment in the country. Still, they face significant obstacles to strengthening their position in society and enhancing their role in solving environmental problems. We believe that, to increase the efficiency and impact of the NGO sector, environmental NGOs, government, and communities should consider the steps outlined below. Many of these recommendations will also be applicable to environmental NGOs elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa.

Funding and Fund-raising

Shortages of funds emerged in our research as the most important hindrance to the success of Cameroonian-based environmental NGOs, so there is clearly a need to innovate to strengthen their fund-raising capacity. While not all of the suggestions below are viable for every NGO, most should be able to implement at least some of them. Some of the suggestions also require support from government, donor organizations, and international partners.

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