Raising Money from Cameroonians Abroad

Cameroonian environmental NGOs with adequate resources might also seek to raise funds from Cameroonians in the Diaspora. This group already supports many humanitarian activities in Cameroon, and establishing contact with them is not difficult, as they almost always organize themselves into associations. To succeed with this, NGOs must be able to showcase viable and effective programs in order to win trust. This will require them to have a good communication strategy and functional, well-designed websites. Such websites should be persuasive and interactive, contain descriptions of NGO activities and evidence of success, and include audited financial reports. If possible, readers should be able to donate via secure online technology.

Sales of Products and Services

Some NGOs could improve their financial status through the sale of products and services. Where staff has sufficient expertise, they can offer paid consulting work to other NGOs or business. Some NGOs have also been able to arrange to produce and market environmentally friendly products, such as honey and flowers. Other possibilities include organizing auction sales of paintings of rare animals, birds, and other species found in Cameroon’s rich forest. Those involved in ecotourism can also design and sell postcards to their visitors. These revenue sources can be workable even for NGOs that have decided not to pursue grant writing.

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