Pharmaceutical Care Interventions (PCI) and Assessment of Community Pharmacy Practice

Compliance with procedures that apply to the use of medicines and assessment of community pharmacy practice is conducted by Roszdravnadzor during regular and “for case” checks. Pharmaceutical care interventions (PCI) are not the main responsibility of pharmacies in the Russian Federation. The majority of such activities are being undertaken in medical institutions. Pharmacy staff can also perform some simple medical evaluations such as blood pressure readings or blood glucose tests. In the Russian Federation, these activities are not the main tasks of pharmacies and patients generally go to medical institutions for these purposes. The geographical network of outpatient polyclinics provides an opportunity to do this quite easily.

Medicines Use Research (Including Drug Utilization Evaluation [DUE] Research)

Formal accountability for the monitoring of compliance with procedures of disposal of drugs occurs and is the responsibility of the healthcare service. These are conducted regularly with “case for” verification. As previously described, optimal utilization of medicines is done through according to standards and procedures listed by Roszdravnadzor. At the same time, a number of hospitals (mainly large hospitals owned and sponsored by corporations) have “clinical pharmacists” responsible for advising GPs about the most effective use of medicines. It is also the case that sometimes a single clinical pharmacy specialist serves a number of medical institutions.

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