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A short course of lectures
«Becoming a World-Class University»

KAU Research PrizesInternational ExperienceResearch Collaboration and University PartnersPerformance-Based Funding Schemes for FirmsIAB ObjectivesBuild Regional PartnershipsStrategies on PartnershipsInternal ChangePitfalls in the Process of Strategic PlanningResearch for PublicationsRegion to University InteractionGeneral RemarksDiffusing the Penetration of R&D Culture in ResearchersPerformance-Based Funding Schemes for ResearchersInternational Advisory Council of King Abdullah University for Science and Technology, KSAScholarships Program for Academically High Performing GraduatesStrategies to Achieve World-Class StatusThe Postdoctoral Period and Breaking Through as an Individual Researcher and Principal InvestigatorAdditional Examples of International Advisory Boards and International Advisory CommitteesHow Can an IAB/IAC Be Effective and Beneficial?Internationalized Education Promoting Understanding of Saudi Arabia to the Outside WorldThe Fulbright ProgramThe Research-Intensive University and Its Strategies (Humboldt Model)Best Practices for Mission-Oriented Programs and Mega ProjectsInternational Advisory Council, APCO, WorldwideThe University as a Knowledge Enterprise in an Innovation-Driven SocietyLarge-Scale Mega ProjectsUniversities in the WorldTechno-EntrepreneurshipAppendixDefinition of ResearchExcellence in Innovation and Knowledge EconomyExcellence in the Knowledge EconomyConverting and Adapting External Change into Change Within the UniversityElementsDesign of the Planning ProcessExcellence in International CooperationGood Practice and International AdviceScientific and Academic ChairsThe International Advisory Board, University of Helsinki, FinlandStudying Abroad and the DataA Broad Arts-Science Education as the FoundationInnovation: Linking up Industry, Faculty and StudentsBest PracticeLund University International Advisory Board, SwedenIAB/IAC FunctionsAdaptation of Best Practices AbroadScientific Research FundingInternational Advisory Board of Sri Ramaswamy Memorial (SRM) University, IndiaResearch CentersGraduate Studies ProgramsBenefits of the ProgramFive Key Actions for KAU to Enhance Research PerformanceUndergraduate Research and Elite Science and Technology ProgrammesImportant Considerations Related to World-Class University StatusInternational Cooperation: Policy and ApplicationInternational Advisory Boards in the WorldWorld-Class UniversityBest Practices to Be an Innovation and Knowledge EconomyIncentivesCreativityExcellence in ResearchDiffusing the Penetration of R&D Culture in SocietyStrategy and Incentives for InteractionImportance for Saudi Students to Understand and Tap World Mega-TrendsInternational and University CooperationFocus on Research-Based LearningIAB MembersIssues Faced by a Mainstream Saudi University in InternationalizationMeasurementWhat Does Research Excellence Look LikeExcellence in Strategic PlanningImplementationThe Importance of Residential EducationResearch Supporting the Quality of EducationChange Towards ExcellenceVenture Capital and “Free” Zones Around University Industrial ParksBest Practices for Research Quality Based StimulationWriting Successful Research GrantsInternational Cooperation in Saudi Higher EducationQuantum Leaps and ExcellenceThe University of Copenhagen's Research and Innovation CouncilInternational Advisory Board, University of Edinburgh, UKThe University Owns the StrategyInternational Advisory Board, University of Oxford, UKGoals and MeansAdmitting Academically Gifted and Able StudentsInternational Cooperation at the University of CopenhagenHistoric PerspectiveInternational Advisory Board of King Abdulaziz University (KAU), Saudi ArabiaInfrastructureThe Importance of Competitive Research FundingResearch GroupsInternational Advisory Council of Università Bocconi, ItalyInternational Advisory Board of Texas A&M University, USAMission-Oriented ProgramsThe International Advisory Board, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), KSAStrategies for ExcellenceResearch LeadershipThe Third MissionThe International Advisory BoardHow to Begin a Strategic Planning Process Within a University?Venture CapitalSupporting the Development of a StrategyDistinguished Scientists ProgramEncouraging Conference Attendance by Academic StaffThree European Stages and ExcellenceMassification and Excellence in EuropeWhat Is Excellence in Strategic Planning?Entrepreneurship CultureMeasuring Societal InteractionPrograms and GrantsRoadmap to Become a World-Class UniversityInternational Advisory Board (IAB) of the Academic Ranking of World Universities, ChinaBuilding National ResilienceVarious Ways to Serve SocietyWho Should Serve on an International Advisory Board or International Advisory Council?From Research to Innovation and EnterpriseUniversities Actively Engage in Entrepreneurship Education for GraduatesThe Role of the IABBest Practices for Supporting the Innovation System with R&D AwarenessMulticultural Experiences Gained by Studying Abroad and CreativityStudent Governanceand BeyondThe Key Role of R&D, Innovation, and EducationThe Strategic Concept of an Entrepreneurial UniversityNo Copycat. Differentiation Is the Name of the GameOrganizing Universities for the Knowledge EconomyInternational Advisory Committee of UNESCOComponents of Graduate QualityPolicy Advice to Improve Innovation Excellence in Saudi ArabiaKAU EducationStrategy on Community EngagementCooperationThe Times Are Changing, and so Are UniversitiesThe Importance of Cross-Disciplinary ResearchBalanced Score CardsR&D and Innovation to Overcome the Middle-Income TrapExternal (to the University) ChangeThe Role of ReligionResearch Integrity, Handling Research Data and Research MisconductProfessional EducationIAB MeetingsInternational Advisory Board DefinitionExamples of International Advisory Boards/CouncilsRecommendations for Excellence in Innovation to Escape the Middle-Income TrapInternational Partnerships with Other UniversitiesExcellence in Higher EducationExcellence in Serving Society and MankindBest Practices to Foster EntrepreneurshipStrategic Positions on ResearchFulbright Scholarship ProgramStrategic Positions on EducationExamples of Strategy Models for UniversitiesConcluding RemarksInternshipsThe Integration of Research and Teaching in World Leading UniversitiesDesigning the Planning ProcessGoalsPerformance-Based Funding Schemes for UniversitiesMeansInternationalization of University Education and Its Application to Saudi ArabiaExcellence in EducationComparative Perspectives for the Middle-Income TrapInternationalization in Higher EducationOn Excellence and the Quality of EducationAccreditationsInternational Advisory Board of James Cook University, AustraliaExamples of International Advisory Boards and International Advisory Councils at Other UniversitiesPatents UnitExcellence as DutyThe Role of High Quality Doctoral Research TrainingUniversities, Patents and Start-UpsHigher EducationMulticultural Experiences and Creative ThinkingKAU Administration of International AgreementsGraduates as Drivers of Socio-Economic DevelopmentWhy Is the Third Mission Important?Endowment
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