Program Schedule

Researchers have to invest many time resources into research. The convenient program schedule allowed three full days per week for research. Because participants were not required to work, lecture or study nor were they occupied with time consuming daily routines, they had ample time, which they could use as they wished for their research plans.

Each participant received everything necessary for a lengthy stay: accommodation in a residential hotel, entry cards to various campus cafeteria or food stores, free travel on public transport and a personal bank account at a local branch into which a monthly stipend was deposited. Participants felt that the organizers had done everything they could to enable them to carry out their research by removing everyday concerns. There was no need to work, no need to prepare lectures or mark papers, there was no need to keep house or play host. As such, there were many opportunities for in depth learning, reading, investigation, participating in conferences and meetings, conversations with colleagues, and mainly for carrying out research.

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