Strategies to Achieve World-Class Status

World-class university status entails certain essential defining characteristics to be in place. These are a high concentration of talent, plentiful resources, and policies designed to encourage the pursuit of academic and educational excellence.

KAU is a state university and receives abundant budgetary resources and favorable care from the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia. The higher administration of KAU has worked with dedication to utilize its available budget to acquire the academic talents commensurate with its bid for excellence. Unlike other excellence programs of universities, such as the German Excellence Initiative, which mainly focuses on excellence in research, KAU has sought to improve quality of all aspects of its higher education encompassing teaching and research. World-class universities play a critical role within the higher educational system in training the professionals, scientists, and researchers required for economic development and for the generation of new knowledge in support of national growth and innovative progress.

KAU's success to date in this regard has been achieved due to unstinting and generous support from the government of the Kingdom, and in particular from the Ministry of Education, which has an ambitious strategic plan for the future of the country's higher educational sector. This support is crucial for a world-class institution. Additionally, KAU has abundant resources which are necessary to maintain a thriving university. Furthermore, KAU has a concentration of talent, a dynamic leadership team, appropriate financial resources and incentives, and a modern and suitable technological infrastructure. The successful combination of these elements has been of critical importance in the creation of the academic and educational environment that has proved so conducive to KAU's progress.

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