Personal Perspective to the Future

When writer-researchers finish writing a text book, they look towards the future and wonder how they should behave. They must clarify to themselves what is appropriate and right for them to do after completing a long-term, complex process that included, research, writing and processing to produce an outcome such as a book. Writing a book and distributing it to many wakens a desire to wait until researchers and learners make use of the book and enjoy the innovations it presents. However, writing also wakens a strong desire to continue and invest in doing more. Continuity is likely to be expressed in a number of areas of interest that overlap with the roles I carried as an ethnographic researcher as presented in the book—the role of teacher educator, the role of researcher and the role of a person in higher education:

Directions for continuity of action as a researcher:

  • • Continued professionalization in carrying out ethnographic research;
  • • Continued developing learning materials and study programs that focus on teachingteaching ways of carrying out qualitative research in general and ethnographic research in particular;
  • • Continued professionalization in doing qualitative research by specializing in using other research paradigms;

Directions for continuity of action as a teacher educator:

  • • Continuity in my professional development by focusing on different subjects in teacher education;
  • • Continuity in studying different models of teacher education that exist around the world;
  • • Continuity in studying the profession of teacher educator.

Directions for continuity of action as a person in higher education:

  • • Continue supporting and spreading the word about foundations that encourage researchers to carry out longitudinal studies in education.
  • • Continue to carry out research comparing higher education institutions from different countries.

In the preface of this book, I invited readers to join me on my journey as a researcher and accompany me on the route of ethnographic research. At the end of this book, I invite readers to relate, respond and comment on it from their insights and according to their understanding. I view readers’ responses as another layer to be used in ethnographic research, and as messages of advice and insights that provide future direction.

Program participants on campus at Vanderbilt University:

Program participants at final ceremony:

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