Research Groups

KAU initiated the idea of forming research groups to enhance cooperation between researchers from different specializations. Each group consists of up to 15 researchers under the leadership of one prominent scientist. It includes one adjunct professor and academics of all ranks including fresh academics and graduate students. Each research group has a main broad specialization that is different from the specializations of other groups. The research proposals submitted by research groups are prioritized in terms of funding over proposals submitted by individuals. To date, 45 research groups have been formed covering a wide spectrum of specializations including: the Diabetes Research Group; the Oral and Dental Diseases Research Group; the Renewable Energy Group; the Software Engineering and Distributed Systems Group; the Economic and Market Research Group; the Nonlinear Analysis and Applied Mathematics Group and the Biotechnology Group.

In addition to publishing papers in ISI ranked journals, the research groups are requested to work on projects that benefit the local Saudi community and wider society.

Patents Unit

To encourage scholars to patent their scientific results, KAU has established a unit which is assigned the task of assisting scientists with the paperwork and procedures required for patent registration. The unit conducts patent documentations and pays all required fees. The unit also handles all legal issues relating to patent registration.

Scholars endeavoring to secure patent registration are required to sign contracts with KAU, whereupon KAU has the right to share with the scholars subsequent benefits stemming from the patent. To date, KAU originating patents have been registered in the USA, the UK, Europe, Japan, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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