Distinguished Scientists Program

The second meeting of KAU International Advisory Board (IAB), which was dedicated to identify suitable ways of upgrading the university's scientific research, stressed the necessity of utilizing distinguished scholars to support and enrich the university's scientific research. Consequently, KAU began the process of attracting a number of eminent scholars, widely cited by other researchers, in line with the IAB's recommendations.

In compliance with IAB advice which aims to strengthen KAU academics' and graduate students' competencies, to create closer academic contact with qualified outside scholars and researchers, and to help transfer the experiences and expertise of international scholars and researchers, KAU is currently collaborating with some 60 international distinguished scientists. This program has produced fruitful results including:

• the promotion of scientific research;

• the exchange of ideas between local and international researchers;

• the issuance of world-class scientific journals;

• the provision of a supportive academic environment conducive to motivating innovation;

• promotion and encouragement of excellence, invention, and talents;

• the encouragement support and upgrading of scientific research, particularly applied scientific research intended for service to, and the development of, the local community and Saudi society.


Several years ago, KAU announced an exceedingly generous “Research Endowment Fund” with the intention of ensuring the sustainability of its scientific research.

Endowment played a memorable role in the history of Islamic civilization. Endowment was the basis of the historical Islamic Scientific Renaissance. It provided a stable environment for scientists and science students and ensured sustainable resources which allowed Islamic scholars a degree of freedom of research and enabled them to dedicate time to scientific output. The result was a rich heritage of knowledge in various fields stemming from the renaissance.

KAU decided to revive this important role of financing Islamic civilization constructive projects, particularly concerning scientific research and technological development.

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