International Advisory Board of King Abdulaziz University (KAU), Saudi Arabia


King Abdulaziz University (KAU) is a distinguished educational institution in the Middle East that has undertaken substantial transformational steps to establish partnerships and cooperative programs with national and international educational and industrial institutions in order to enhance and improve its academic and educational profile and status. In pursuit of achieving a substantive leap forward of quality in levels of performance in education, academic research, and community services, KAU created an IAB in 2010. It was constituted to enable KAU to benefit from the experience of internationally acclaimed intellectual pioneers in industry and higher education who have made significant contributions to the development of higher education world-wide. The KAU President, Osama Tayeb, states, “This board will represent a major driving force that will guide KAU towards consolidating the cohesion and consistency of all its subsystems for optimum performance” [6].

The aim of the advisory board is to ensure the university leadership's ready access to diverse input and ideas from the international academic and business communities during scheduled consultations. It is intended that this input, advice, and guidance will assist and support KAU in its quest for academic and educational excellence and international recognition.

To ensure that we receive a diversity of perspectives of ideas and views, the advisory board represents, not only a variety of disciplines, but also an extensive range of cultural backgrounds. KAU's IAB meetings are held in diverse countries in order to further underscore the goal of achieving a truly global view and spirit.

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