Maintenance and Repair

Car engines and equipment can be a totally unknown universe for many. Even if one is an experienced amateur (or professional) mechanic, he or she might not know where in the engine the most relevant parts are exactly located. Today users can install augmented reality apps on their smartphones and tablets that will turn the user into a mechanic. Applications like I-Mechanic from Inglobe Technologies augmented reality-media, based on computer vision 3D tracking software, enables the user to contextually access the instructions required to maintain their car (Fig. 6.8).

One of the major breakthroughs for these types of applications was the development of markerless image processing, using the actual objects for identification and registration. That in turn required the application of simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) vison processing technology.

Automotive, Trucks, and Heavy Equipment

Head-up displays in automobiles, buses, and motorcycle helmets will be commonplace, and make us uncomfortable when not available. However, pedantically speaking, augmented reality is expected to include tracking between the superimposed information, data, and images and some portion of the real world, and early automotive head-up displays didn’t do that, providing only speed and fuel level information. A modern head-up display in an automobile that includes directional information and assistance that does change its data due to its location, and could even give pertinent information about near-by points of interest such as a coffee shop or gas station.

Head-up display enabled vehicles have had somewhat mixed reactions. While many drivers appreciated the ability to keep their eyes on the road (and the futuristic thrill it gives to driving), others worried about the device blocking their view of what’s ahead. However, it has proven itself and is available on many midsize and above cars today. head-up displays will help keep drivers safe in the future as more features are enabled and it becomes available in an increasing number of vehicles.

Head-up displays in automobiles are a consumer product, and discussed further in “Navigation and Control,” Sect. 6.1.З.6.

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