Internationalized Education Promoting Understanding of Saudi Arabia to the Outside World

KAU students going international are the best ambassadors for the country. Because of the special position of Saudi Arabia, they also represent the Islamic world. Just as it was an eye opener for the members of the KAU IAB to visit Saudi Arabia, to interact with academically gifted students and dedicated high performing faculty, international experience for KAU students would change foreign countries' perception of Saudi Arabia and its citizens for the better.

KAU President Osama Tayeb (left) and KAU Vice-President for Business and Knowledge Innovation (center) and KAU Vice-President for Academic Affairs (right) during one of the IAB meetings held on campus

Adaptation of Best Practices Abroad

Internationalization of KAU education spreads the university's wings by the frequent presence of its faculty and students on foreign soil. Such contacts often require the support of foreign universities' leadership. Investing time in developing KAU's international network to support its educational model provides KAU leadership with opportunities to interact with and observe the operations of renowned and distinguished global universities. Such interactions often yield important “ah ha!” moments of revelation in understanding the practices of good role models. In addition, the development of such networks and links cannot but succeed in raising KAU's international profile and provide its leadership with case studies from which important KAU initiatives can be launched and ideas adapted.

KAU Vice-President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research (right), KAU Acting President (2nd right), Saudi business tycoon Sheikh Saleh Kamel (2nd left), and KAU Vice-President for business and knowledge innovation take part in the 10th board meeting of Wadi Jeddah

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