Policy documents—The Meade report

In 1988 ECE came fully under the Education Department (now the Ministry of Education). The Working Group Report (known as the Meade Report) (Meade, 1988) promised much in terms of equity across the ECE sector (quality provision, more parental choice, adequate funding) but did not translate into appropriate policy (see Before Five, 1988). The Meade Report noted the place of te reo Maori and tikanga Maori as concerns of Maoridom and as central tenets of quality ECE provision and the terms of reference included Treaty recognition. Skerrett-White (2001), however, argued that an unintended outcome of that Report was that it locked Kohanga Reo settings into a pattern of decline and stated, “The writing was on the wall that TKR would not only be shifted to ‘education’ [portfolio], but that it would be subjected to the same educational reforms of marketization and regulation as other educational providers” (p. 14). In other words, TKR was to be subjected to a regulatory framework meant for the whitestream sector.

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