Declining enrollments for Kohanga Reo

The Waitangi Tribunal (2012, p. 28) traced the pattern of declining enrollments, which paralleled declining centers through closures. After the expansionary momentum of the 1980s when the number of Kohanga Reo rose by an average of 80 per year to reach 809 Kohanga (with 14,514 enrollments—nearly half of all Maori enrollments in ECE) in 1993, it then slowed, abruptly flattened, and declined steadily to 586 Kohanga, with a roll of 9,808 in 2001. This marked a decline of 181 Kohanga Reo and 4,494 enrollments over a very short space of time—just five years (p. 28). Currently there are 463 Kohanga Reo catering to 9,631 learners (Ministry of Education, 2013b). The Tribunal also found that the Crown’s failures to address the place of Kohanga Reo has led to actions and omissions inconsistent with the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi, 1840, namely “the principles of: partnership; the guarantee of rangatiratanga; the obligations on the Crown to make efficient and effective policy and to actively protect te reo Maori in ECE through TKR; and the principle of equity” (p. xvii).

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