Managerial Guidelines

  • • GVT members need to cultivate a warm-hearted attitude, with a high tolerance for and appreciation of cultural diversity.
  • • GVT members need to nurture the many characteristics that enhance emotional honesty, such as empathy, consideration, kindness, warmth, affection, and sincerity; all of these aid in recognizing the true feelings of others.
  • • GVT members need to learn to accurately read the feelings of others by developing good intuition and gut feelings based on reflections of past experiences that have resulted in strong and lasting relationships.

Culturally Attuned Guidelines for Creating Innovative Strategies

During the “Forming” Stage

  • Low context GVT members need to be sensitive to the way communication takes place in the early stages. High context members value relationships; their need for an emotional connection needs to be considered in terms of word choice and the manner in which verbal communications are delivered and presented. For example, team members could be encouraged to ask each other questions about their hometowns, or to share pictures of their families; such actions create a friendly environment conducive to emotional connection.
  • • GVT leaders should, if possible, employ technological platforms that allow high context members to observe the non-verbal cues necessary for them to interpret and understand the content of a communication (e.g., videoconferencing rather than text-based chat). Team members can use emoticons in their text communications to create a heightened awareness of their emotional state at the time of writing.
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