Leadership as a Whole

Overall, the goal of the model for sustainability is to provide an alternative framework for leadership development within the African context. Research indicates the need for leadership and education in Africa in order to create positive systematic change and to foster sustainability.79 However, studies caution against the danger of reinforcing Western management and leadership models within Africa.80 Fostering successful selfreliance occurs through developing leadership models in light of African culture and customs. As aforementioned, the African perception of leadership models shifted during the colonization period. Accordingly, promoting indigenous models of leadership that prioritize local confidence, local learning, local mobilization, and local resources might offer essential strategies for creating sustainable practices. Conclusively, sustainability requires attention to continuous leadership behaviour as well as the development of leadership capabilities.81 By addressing sustainability from a sociological standpoint, leaders are challenged to create change at the local level empowering communities to take action that leads away from dependency on foreign aid, models, and leadership toward sustainability.

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