Key Leadership Behaviours of Exemplary Leaders

Out of 40 identified leadership behaviours, the four most significant ones—(a) building convictions/values/ethics, (b) leaving behind a leg- acy/significant achievement, (c) personal and organizational accountability and (d) creating and/or taking opportunities—were shown to be the key influencers on EL in the context. Further, the research showed that

Africa’s Renaissance requires a holistic LD framework which includes not just cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills—as often found in Western education, but also spiritual and cultural competencies.

Other Factors that Can Accelerate Exemplary Leadership and Holistic LD

The research showed that (a) time (or age) improved EL. The optimal holistic LD season was shown to be investing in 30-45-year-old exemplary leaders, (b) formal education also improved EL. Optimal investment was found to be in master’s degree holders, and finally (c) spirituality improved EL. Among the studied leaders, evangelical Christianity was found to increase EL.

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