(d) Emotional awareness and coping

Myers et al. (2000) emphasise that wellness is related to how an individual is able to recognise and respond to emotions experienced and expressed by the person and others. Individuals who can express and decode emotions appropriately in others might feel well, while individuals who are unable to experience and express emotions and feelings might be restricted in terms of wellness and well-being (Myers et al., 2000). Myers et al. (2000, p. 254) highlight that healthy functioning that relates to well-being is connected to “rich, varied and frequent expressions and responses to people and events within one’s daily experience”, which generally relates to recognition of and the ability to respond to emotions. Emotions and the ability to be aware of emotions in oneself and others are strongly connected with concepts of cognition and intuition and the ability to behave appropriately (in terms of optimal behaviour for the individual in his/her social context) in a situation (Mayer & Viviers, 2014a).

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