God’s Creation and Caring for Others and the Environment

In this relationship with God, an individual participates in maintaining and extending care for the environment and the creation of God. Fowler (1987) emphasises that this may involve active parenting, involvement in care and education, community work and care for mental and physical well-being in the living context. The finding of vocation in life and the development of faith are interconnected.

God's Governance and His Justice and Lawfulness Within Societies (Fowler, 1987)

This category of having a relationship with God and the work of governance highlights the importance of promoting justice and faithfulness by involving organisations and structures in a local and global context (Fowler, 1984). Examples of promoting a relationship with God and governance include the fight for a just distribution of resources in the world, service for the common good, peaceful conflict resolution and avoidance of chaos and violence (Fowler, 1987).

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