God's Liberation from Socio-economic and Political Ideologies and Boundaries (Fowler, 1987)

This category includes involvement with God and the liberating and redemptive work in the world. This work relates to political, societal, economic and social aspects in societies in which individuals and groups are misused or dehumanised to enrich and benefit others, for example the elite (Fowler, 1987). According to Burnell (2013), this work is connected to solidarity with the oppressed and rejected, withdrawal from supporting forces that suppress others, as well as liberation from egocentric motives of using power, purpose, significance and security in order to participate in liberation movements.

In late adulthood, the individual should be able to look at life and be sure about having lived his/her calling and vocation. Individuals who feel that they have lived their calling usually feel fulfilled, energetic and can balance their own needs with the needs of others (Fowler, 1984). Adults in late adulthood who have lived their calling and vocation usually encourage others who struggle with their vocation and support them while feeling fulfilled and blessed by God’s support in their lives (Fowler, 1984).

In this section faith, vocation in life and their connection were presented. The following section focuses on empirical research and FDT.

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