Life Task 3: Work and Leisure

Work and leisure are defined for this chapter as described in Sect. In this section, the findings pertaining to the life task of work and pleasure in each life phase throughout Coelho’s lifespan are emphasised and discussed.

Paulo Coelho’s Early Childhood (1947-1953)

During Coelho’s first 5 years of life, he was mainly occupied with leisure-time activities. The data do not provide any ideas on work activities during his first years of life at home in the security complex, as well as in kindergarten. Having a mother who was a housewife, Coelho, however, must have seen her as a homemaker and a child rearer, while he saw his father going to work outside the home, working as an engineer.

Impacting life forces with regard to work and leisure during the first 5 years of Coelho’s life are the following:

Family Coelho spent his first years at home with his mother, indulging in leisuretime activities at home and in kindergarten. He was not yet introduced to the concept of work himself, but realised that his mother worked at home while his father worked as an engineer outside the home.

No information on religion, education, community, media, government and busi- ness/industry is provided with regard to the life task work and leisure. The impact of global events is not addressed during this life’s period.

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