Childhood and Schooldays (1953-1961)

At the age of six, Coelho enrolled at primary school, where he learnt “hard work and respect for others” and got to know about the concept of work in comparison to leisure (Morais, 2009). He enjoyed the first 2 years at school, working hard, but then was caught up in leisure-time activities, particularly in reading. At the age of 9 years he entered his writing in his first writing competition.

He worked hard to pass the entry examinations at the Jesuit boys’ school, St Ignatius, failed twice and was finally accepted. At the age of 12 years, Coelho started writing in his diary and recorded his feelings and actions on tape during his leisure time (Morais, 2009).

Impacting life forces:

Family In school, Coelho was introduced to the concept of working hard. His parents made sure that he worked hard to be accepted at entry level at St Ignatius.

Religion It can be assumed that religion in terms of work and leisure-time was important in this period of Coelho’s life; at home, his parents lived according to a strong Catholic belief during his leisure time. At school he was also introduced to interlinking religion and work.

Education He worked hard for the first 2 years in school, but then became more interested in reading instead of school work.

Community Coelho spent his leisure time with his friends and extended family members in a “secret organisation” of which he was the leader.

Media He spent his leisure time mainly in reading books.

No information on the life forces of the government and business/industry is provided with regard to the life task of work and leisure. No information on the impacts of global events is provided for this period of his life and this particular life task.

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