The Thirties (1977-1986)

In 1977 Coelho took a year off for leisure time in London and had his breakthrough as a lyricist in 1978. He wrote song texts for all the important Brazilian songwriters. As a consultant he moved on from Philips to CBS in 1979.

In 1980 Cristina and Coelho started their work career and promoted their artistic work together, Cristina as a painter and Coelho as a writer. The new career was punctuated with travels through some European countries (Madrid and London) in 1981 and further ones in 1982.

The birth of the professional writer happened for Coelho during 1982 when he heard his calling at the concentration camp in Dachau (Arias, 2001). He met his master, J. from the RAM tradition, soon afterwards in Amsterdam and started his spiritual journey; he became a member of the RAM, an old mysterious Catholic religious order (Morais, 2009).

After several years, Coelho became a master of the RAM practices. He spent leisure time developing himself spiritually. At the same time, he started writing a book in 1982 and promoted his work together with Cristina. In 1986 Coelho became a master of RAM and published his first successful book, “The pilgrimage” (Coelho, 1987). His leisure activities in the spiritual realm contributed well to his work- related career and the two started to feed into each other.

His leisure activities and spiritual journey were integrated into his writings and his work as a writer. Work and leisure consisted for Coelho of travelling, developing spiritually and establishing himself as a writer through TV shows and interviews. He used the concept of “I am a magus” to promote his work identity as a writer (Arias, 2001, p. 7). His personal spiritual journey and development became part of many of his books and contributed to his success as a writer (Arias, 2001). Impacting life forces:

Family Coelho divorced Cissa in 1979 and met Cristina. They celebrated the blessing of their partnership in 1980 with their parents. Cristina became a major force in Coelho’s professional and spiritual development.

Religion Cristina helped Coelho to overcome satanism completely and he revitalised his Christian belief. His newly gained faith, his spiritual development and his life decision to go on a spiritual journey built the basis for his professional development as a writer.

Education Coelho educated himself through becoming a student of the RAM practices and advanced to the level of master within a few years. The order educated Coelho spiritually in terms of discipline, a new self-awareness and RAM practices and exercises.

Community He belonged to the RAM order, first as a student, later as a master. This membership provided him with new ideas on spirituality and new contacts.

Media Coelho promoted his work together with his life partner, Cristina, from 1981 onwards through leaflets and TV shows. In 1987 he started to integrate his promotion with his leisure-time activities as a magus and as a writer.

Business/Industry Coelho became a successful lyricist and consultant for CBS. He was financially well off, which allowed him to travel and practise his spiritual development and RAM exercises during his leisure time. He wrote his first successful book as a professional writer in 1987 and promoted it (Coelho, 1987). In the book, Coelho integrated his leisure-time experiences in terms of his personal spiritual development and used these as an integrated part of his professional work as a writer. From this point in time, leisure activities (which included travelling, spiritual rituals and development) were hardly to be distinguished from Coelho’s work as a professional writer, since his book was based on his leisure-time spiritual experiences.

No information on the life forces of the government is provided with regard to the life task of work and leisure. No information on the impacts of global events is provided for this period of life and this particular life task.

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