The Fifties (1997-2006)

This decade is one of international fame and the international jet set life. Coelho described extensively his idea of humanity moving into a new millennium, turning to spirituality (Arias, 2001), and his idea of new approaches to God (Coelho, 2007). According to available data, this decade of Coelho’s life dealt particularly with (philosophical) and ontological questions, touching on the concepts of humanity, responsibility, fear, luck and the perception of God, rather than with relationships. Friendships are hardly described and Coelho’s reflections and interests seemed rather focused on the development of his personal awareness and spirituality than on his social contacts.

During his fifties, Coelho travelled, he fulfilled new tasks assigned by his master, J., and aimed at becoming part of the Brazilian Academy of Writers. He met other international celebrities and was invited to Buckingham Palace. As in “Like a flowing river”, Coelho focused on self-reflection and on integrating conceptual ideas into his life, while friendships and friends seemed to be neglected or not of high importance to him. His books, as autobiographical constructs, as well as his biographical excerpts and data, referred to self-reflection and deeper spiritual development rather than to interpersonal relationships and friendships (Coelho, 2006). Therefore, for the decade of Coelho’s fifties, hardly any relationships and friendships were described in the data analysed.

Impacting life forces:

Religion The data do not provide explicit insights into the influence of religion on Coelho’s friends and friendships; however, it can be assumed that Coelho was still in contact with his master, J., and with other members of RAM who might be described as spiritual (religious) friends.

Community Coelho now belonged to the international jet set community. However, the data do not provide rich information on friendships in this community. Data show that Coelho was, for example, interviewed by Christina Lamb, the Sunday Times journalist, who became one of the main characters in “The zahir” (Coelho, 2005, published in English version), which had an impact on his professional life. After becoming part of the Brazilian Academy of Letters, Coelho might have made new friends, but friendships are not described in the literature. This is also the case for Coelho’s life in France. In 2004, Coelho and Cristina bought an old mill in Saint-Martin in France and became part of a small village community. However, no data are available on contacts and friendships established in their new living contexts.

No information is available on the influence of the family, education, the media, the government, business and the industry and their influences on friendship and friends for Paulo Coelho during his fifties. No impact of global events is referred to in the data with regard to friendship.

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