Life Task 5: Love

Love is a committed, lasting, intimate relationship with another person, as defined in Sect. Findings pertaining to the life task of love in each historical period throughout Paulo Coelho’s lifespan are explored and discussed in this section.

Paulo Coelho’s Early Childhood (1947-1953)

During the first years of his life, Coelho found himself in a committed, lasting, intimate and stable relationship with his mother. Being a housewife and child rearer, she cared for him at home in the estate (Morais, 2009). Hardly any concrete information is available on the relationship with his mother or any other person at this stage of Coelho’s life. However, it can be assumed that he experienced the d) presence of his mother as maintaining an enduring, stable and loving relationship with him. All the other components of healthy love relationships defined by Myers et al. (2000) do not apply during this period of Coelho’s life (Table 7.23).

With regard to the impact of life forces, the following life forces had an influence on Coelho’s life during this period with regard to the life task love:

Impacting life forces:

Family Coelho’s mother was the person Paulo trusted most. They were in a stable, caring and enduring relationship. Since his father was often absent owing to work, it is assumed that Coelho’s relationship with his mother was closer than the one with his father.

No information on any other life forces regarding the life task love is available. The data also do not reveal any kind of influence of global events during this period.

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