Sub-Chapter Summary on the Holistic Wellness Model

In this chapter the research findings on the holistic wellness of Coelho and a conceptual outline of the discussion was presented, followed by an interpretative analysis and discussion of holistic wellness over the lifespan of the writer. The findings were presented and discussed according to the life tasks of spirituality, self-direction, work, friendship and love, as well as with respect to the interaction of the life tasks with the life forces and global events in the various historical periods. A conclusion on the findings after each life task served as a summary. An integration of the findings related to life tasks, life forces and global events concludes the chapter. In the following chapter the findings related to Coelho’s faith development are presented.

The Stages of Faith Development Throughout Coelho’s Life

The FDT (Fowler, 1981, 1987, 1996), as described in Chap. 5, is used to present the findings of faith development in Coelho’s life, presenting its stages, allowing for greater self-knowledge and intimacy while providing insight in the writers life.

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