Sub-Chapter Summary on Faith Development Theory

In this sub-chapter, the research findings on the faith development stages of Paulo Coelho were presented. A conceptual outline of the discussion was offered at the beginning of Chap. 7, followed by the presentation of the findings of the HWM and the findings regarding faith development over the lifespan of Coelho. The findings were discussed according to the FDT as identified by Fowler (1981, 1996). A summary of the findings conclude the chapter.


This chapter presented the findings on the HWM and the FDT in the life of Paulo Coelho and provides an idea of Coelho’s central roles in his world and the history of this world, as emphasised in the quote at the beginning of this chapter (Coelho, 2002b). The life of the writer was reconstructed accordingly and findings provided new ideas, perspectives and information on the researched.

The following chapter will present the findings on holistic wellness and FDT in two selected, autobiographical creative works of Paulo Coelho.

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